CQC awards TLTP Care 'Good' on Safe & Well-led

CQC awards TLTP Care 'Good' on Safe & Well-led

TLTP Care (registered under London Teaching Pool Ltd.) is a CQC registered domiciliary care agency providing personal care to residents at home. The agency was registered on the 1st of July 2019 and began operating immediately.

The company have recently had its first inspection on the 8th of March 2021. The inspection was carried out at very short notice, with only 2 hours’ notice given to the agency.

The rating given for the two areas inspected is GOOD.

Is the service safe? Yes. The company were rated Good for the service being safe. This meant people were safe and protected from avoidable harm.

Is the service well-led? Yes. This meant the service was consistently managed and well-led. Leaders and the culture they created promoted high-quality, person-centred care.

The inspection consisted of a visit to our office plus contact with current customers and employees.

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Before the inspection

The CQC inspector reviewed the information they received about the service and obtained feedback from the local authority and professionals who might work with the service. TLTP Care was not asked to complete a provider information return before the inspection.

During the inspection

The CQC inspector spoke with the registered care manager and two directors about the service. A range of records were reviewed. Staff files concerning recruitment and a variety of records relating to the management of the service were also looked at.

After the inspection

The CQC inspector continued to seek clarification to validate the evidence found. This included speaking to four people and one relative about their experience of care. They also spoke with three members of staff and looked at further evidence sent to CQC by the provider concerning risk assessments and audits.

Overall Summary

The service had systems in place to safeguard people from abuse. Risks to people were assessed and mitigated. Staff were recruited safely and there were sufficient staff available to support people safely. Staff were trained in infection control and there were infection prevention measures in place. Lessons were learnt when things went wrong to minimise the risk of re-occurrence.

People and relatives spoke highly about the service and thought the organisation was well managed. The registered care manager understood their responsibilities towards the quality of care and risks to people. People and staff felt they could engage with and make suggestions to direct the care at the service. There were quality assurance measures in place, and CQC have made a recommendation about expanding their scope to include care plan audits as this will assist consistency with business growth.

The full report can be viewed on the CQC website by following this link https://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-7110904024

Lisa Camp, Manager Director of TLTP Care said: “I am extremely proud of my team, their dedication, passion and commitment in building a new business has been extraordinary. A few months after we received our CQC registration the covid pandemic hit us and we had to review our operations constantly.

As much as I have been wanting this inspection so we can finally receive a rating I was a bag of nerves when we were given just 2 hours’ notice on Monday morning. I’ll never forget that day; Onyeka, the registered manager was in Basildon and Sharon our care coordinator was carrying out a patient assessment. They both re-arranged their day and after finishing their visits rushed back to the office in time for the inspector to arrive.

We have already taken on board the recommendations the CQC inspector gave and have started to implement these in our daily operations.”

Onyeka Aniekwena, the Registered Care Manager of TLTP Care concluded: “As the registered care manager the majority, if not all, of responsibilities falls on my shoulders, and I am thrilled to receive a ‘Good’ rating on the two areas that were inspected. Being our first inspection it’s a massive relief and reassuring to know we are moving in the right direction. This now means the service TLTP Care is fully regulated, inspected and deemed to be safe and well-led.

It also all comes down to the amazing carers we have on the field and the continued investment in their career progression or flexible work life, meeting the needs of service users, by providing a personalised approach to care and promoting their independence, the carers contribution was immense and we value them, this is the culture I want to promote in this organisation.”

Sharon Beckford, Care Coordinator of TLTP Care echoed the same feeling: “Working in a covid pandemic has been extremely challenging. We’ve had to rethink, replan and be innovative in the way we operated whilst making sure the highest level of care was maintained at all times to all of our patients. It feels good knowing the work we are doing is benefiting.”