Jooble - a search engine designed for a job search

Jooble - a search engine designed for a job search

TLTP Care understands how important it is for elderly people to have qualified and trained carers at their side. For this reason we take all measures to ensure that our staff is carefully selected.

Nowadays there is a great number of online resources helping people to find jobs easily. So, when we came across Jooble, a job search engine, we decided to give it a try, and it worked for us!

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The benefits for TLTP as an employer
Jooble creates simple and intuitive tools for people that help them find jobs that exactly match their skills, knowledge, place of residence or other relevant criteria. The main idea is to help employer find employees faster. A high number of clear applicants come from this platform. And some of our vacancies have been closed exactly with Jooble help.

No duplicated job ads
Jooble aggregates and displays job ads from thousands of job boards, corporate, recruiter pages and newspapers. It is a great platform to use when a person is looking for job. It saves your time as it filters out duplicated jobs, so similar jobs,  are shown as a single one.

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Since we began to feature our vacancies on Jooble we have attracted a high calibre of healthcare professionals whom we have supported in finding them find their dream job and helping them flourish in their career.
Jooble is constantly updating their features to make it easy for employers to attract potential candidates to their jobs and vice versa. Their overall aim is to help candidates finds relevant jobs in a few seconds and save time.